Payment in installments can take place in two ways:

  • With the first we agree on the number of installments with the customer and therefore the subdivision of the amount.
    the item will be received once the full amount has been paid. With this method it is necessary to pay a confirmation deposit, also in order to block the article. Also, if during the period in which payments are being made you decide that you no longer want to purchase the item, the payments already made will not be refundable as the item has been held. However, it is possible to use the amount already paid to purchase another item of equal value (to the amount paid) or obviously even higher.

  • Otherwise, we have active a real financing service, through Soisy and through which it will be possible to receive the article immediately and then pay for it a little at a time. With the loan it is possible to request a maximum of 24 installments (therefore equal to 24 months of installments), with an interest rate that varies from person to person and based on the number of installments chosen.

You can then pay it in installments through these two options, but with the first you receive the item once the payment is completed, while with the second (through financing) right away.

    To ask for an item to be paid in installments, write us an email at, write us on whatsapp or call us at +39 3496228550